Wholesaler in Spanish products: Online sale for importers, restaurants and shops. Distributor of Spanish and Mediterranean products offers an assortment of specialties from the Mediterranean.

For companies, we are committed to being the partner of retail professionals and restoration want to receive news and best sellers to cover niche markets that their competitors do not work . We also work with restaurants who have difficulty in sourcing , our concept allows them to concentrate their orders to a single supplier with prices at the door of your business or the nearest Port ( for coastal areas outside of Europe).

Today , we know that many domestic brands in Spain have entered into agreements with importers focusing on a few products and requiring a minimum purchase .

The advantage of our logistics and provides a reverse strategy without risks .

In fact in your palette (s) you have references you want or multiply without minimum references provides opportunities for new products or products that your customers demand.
Objective to reduce the risk to your business resale.


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